Obsessive me has come out to play over a $4.00 magazine from the Food Network. Unsuspecting me received it graciously from Hoity Toity Niece last weekend and have cover-to-covered it three times already.

I'm loving the format, the over sized layout and content. And not just because they revere the sandwich in such deservedly incredible ways, it's much more than that. It's seeing some of my favorite television chefs in a different, more tangible way.

Lazy me can now lay in bed and read about the $625.00 cookbook (have you heard about that?), test my wine IQ, pick up cooking tips from the pros or see what Eva Longoria's kitchen looks like. It's all in there and with photographs, big, colorful, eye popping photographs!

Herb filled Terracotta pots on the table of contents page could be a picture of my front porch right about now, and the recipe index is simple, user friendly and packed for days with dead-on recipes. No, I'm not a magazine sales person and I'm not pimping for Food Network... , but I would if they asked me.

How about a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with dates and prosciutto? Or a Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Thousand Island Dressing.... yes, I said bacon and thousand island dressing.

Or a Grilled Pound Cake with Mascarpone, hmmm? And those are just a few sandwiches offered up inside, along with main dishes, desserts starters ... and so on. .. you have to pick one up soon. do it.


  1. I will wait until that expensive cook book set goes on-line for a few bucks...some people might say he waited a bit late to put that book out, its been at least five years since people went crazy for those food trends, and the economy is not so good...eh maybe someone will shell out the money...

    I love my food mags, but then what do you do after collecting two years worth? I might paper my kitchen one day LOL food pics right!

    Great post as always, and btw I put up the Joe post to send people over here!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Emma's Lunch, I'm your newest follower.

  3. Grilled pound cake with mascarpone?!? Send one over!

  4. Great post! Nice blog. I'm following.


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