A New CD Called "Sandwich"!

"Psychostick" has released their new CD. It's a full-length follow-up to 2006's "We Couldn't Think Of A Title" CD.

What is Phychostick you ask? Read it in their own words:

'Psychostick is a national touring comedy/metal/hardcore act that formed in 2000 to bring the ridiculous ideas and antics of a few computer nerds and lovers of music. Matter of fact, once "BEER!" hit radio waves Psychostick has released 3 records nationwide (well almost - the third "Sandwich" is out on 5-5-09) and has toured many times across the USA. Sounds insane, right? That's because it IS insane. And probably stupid.'

"Sandwich" is a 24-track opus to food, email spam, bad directions, and revenge. Recorded by guitarist Josh Key at Toxic Recording (Gilbert, Arizona), the CD features new members Jake McReynolds on second guitar and former Indorphine vocalist Jimmy Grant on bass, Alex Preiss on Drums, and the vocals of Rob Kersey. See: www.psychostick.com for more info!
You see mes amis, sandwich news is a full time job. Fortunately, your Guru is on the job!

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