Do You Skype When U Sandwich?

If your answer is no, don't feel left out mon ami. Sandwich Skyping is new. So new in fact, that I, Sam, The Sandwich Guru (and Blog Master for Sandwich 365) could well be the very first Sandwich Skyper in existence. Let me explain.

Early yesterday morning, in the midst of prepping my kitchen for another day of sandwich making, my computer beckened from the counter behind me. I turned to see a flashing icon, indicating an incoming video call.

It was my beautiful Niece Nicole in Miami Beach. Shocked to see her standing in her own kitchen distressed and about to pull out her hair I asked "What is it my Flower, what is wrong?"

She described the catering faux pas that had J&D's birthday party in serious jeopardy. She needed help, and fast. So as we stood in our respective kitchens, Nicole was able to watch Le Guru create a selection of sandwiches to wow her guests, young and old. Voilà, the birthday party was a smashing success, and we have plans to Sandwich Skype together again next week.
Le Gourou de Sandwich,

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