US and Russia Navy Battle of the Sandwich!

The US Navy along with the Russian Navy and Pacific Fleet Commanders launched a project called "World's Cuisine" in Vladivostok, Russia last month.

The first international military cooking contest ever to take place in Russia turned out to be, what else, a Sandwich-Making competition where each cook could demonstrate creativity and national character between two pieces of bread using the same ingredients.

Three cooks were given 25 minutes to create a sandwich using peppers, smoked ham, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers. The 3 sandwiches were then given to a panel of judges who looked for "Original Serving" "National Character" and "Original Taste".

Meanwhile, the cooks waited with nervous anticipation and time to reflect: "It was last minute observation for me and then first class planning how to make my sandwich", said Micheal Vira of the destoyer USS Stethem who said he had participated before in similar Navy contests in the USA.

Vitaly Razomazov, representing the Pacific Fleet of Russia said that Russian sailors do not consider sandwiches a serious mealand therefore he rarely cooks them. "I prefer to cook main course dises and our sailors love my borsch," he said with a grin.

Ilya Posokhin, displaying the talants of Vladivostok, Russia cooks said he was excited to participate in the project and looking at the table of his American rival "I was curious what he was doing there but it was a quick glance because I was busy with my sandwich," he said. The two later exchanged their professional knifes in memory of the event.

Michael Vira's sandwich won in the category "Original Serving" while Posokhin's sandwich recived the prize for "National Character". The award for "Original Taste" went to Vitaly Razomazov.

I hope this little contest is proof to Mr. Razomozov that sandwiches are indeed "serious" eating. Le Gourou

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