Panino or Panini it's still an Italian Sandwich!

In Italy a single panini sandwich is referred to as a Panino. Two ore more sandwiches would be referred to as Panini. Here in America we use the word Panini for both. Growing in popularity the Panini is a great way to add flavor and aesthetic to an otherwise ordinary sandwich. Panini makers range in price from $19.99 up to over $100.00. The one in the above photo was somewhere in the middle by GE and I'll be using it here for featured sandwiches in the coming weeks. If one does not own a panini grill, there are several allowable substitutions. Panino can be prepared on a griddle or in a frying pan, although it will not look quite the same as one prepared in a panini grill. One also has to flip the panino when preparing the sandwich in this way, so both sides are equally hot. Viola

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