Quiznos Toasty Bullet Sub Sandwich Review!

The launch of Quiznos' new $3.00 Toasty Bullet Sub Sandwiches sent me into action this week. I simply had to try all FIVE sandwiches, yes I said five. They are listed below. How was I to perform an honest sandwich review with so many subjects on the plate? There is only one way to handle this, I thought. Call upon my team of talented tasters to give the sandwiches a try with me. Before I share with you those opinions, here is mine:
Bread is the foundation of any sandwich and can make or break a good sandwich experience, so the first thing to capture my attention about the Toasty Bullet Sub was the quality ciabatta bread. Off to a good start, I ordered each sandwich then closely observed the sandwich maker looking for quality of service and technique. She had high levels of both.
It was appealing to watch my sandwich being freshly prepared, individually, to order, allowing me to see quality and freshness of ingredients, very important. By this time, I'm thinking we have a winner, and only $3.00?
Finished and wrapped in their respective paper sleeves the sandwiches were ready for tasting. I rushed back to the ranch and sat down at the table to seek-out the proverbial proof of the pudding. It was in the well combined flavors that came together perfectly in each of the recipes. Except for the price, this is no fast-food experience. America deserves fresh and healthy alternatives for only $3.00. Quiznos, you have a winner! Le Gourou de Sandwich

Ms. DS, Executive Assistant, Nt'l Distributing, Dallas, TX purchased 4 of 5 Toasty Bullet Sub Sandwiches and shared then with colleagues in her office. Here are their comments:

DS said:
The bread was really good. Not bad for $3.00 . I would opt for one of these rather than a greasy hamburger any day.
Anna said:
Bread was good and chewable....not stiff like some I've had. A good combo of a little cheese with the tuna, along with lettuce, makes it very flavorful.
Bernadette said:

It reminded me of a sandwich I had in Germany - I liked the texture and flavor a lot.
Brad said:
I don't often eat salami, but thought this was pretty good.
Susan said:
I thought the Beef & Bacon was very tasty, it doesn't taste like a fast food sandwich.

Mrs. R. of HoityToityBaby.com had her crew taste and rate the Toasty Bullet Subs using a rating scale of 1 to 5 sandwiches, 5 being best.

The Scores:
Turkey Pesto -5 sandwiches
Kahuna Tuna - 3.5 sandwiches
Italian - 4.5 sandwiches
Turkey Club - 4 sandwiches
Beef, Bacon & Cheddar - 5 sandwiches

The Toasty Bullet Sub Sandwiches:
Italian ~ Pepperoni, spicy capicola, ham, mozzarella, lettuce/chopped tomato

Big Kahuna Tuna ~ Tuna salad, cheddar, banana peppers, lettuce/chopped tomato
Pesto Turkey ~ Roasted turkey, mozzarella, basil pesto, lettuce/chopped tomato
Turkey Club ~ Roasted turkey, bacon, mozzarella, mayo, lettuce/chopped tomato
Beef, Bacon & Cheddar ~ Roast beef, bacon, mayo, cheddar, lettuce/chopped tomato

For more information about Toasty Bullet Subs, visit http://www.quiznostoaster.com/.


  1. Samwich, I.am not a professional taster such as yourself, just a plain old consumer from Perris Ca , I came to your blog, because I love Sadwiches, and I found it interesting and innovative,keep the stories coming. I would like to comment on the wonderful sandwiches Quiznos puts out, all I can say is what a wonderful sandwich experience it is at Quiznos, everything is so fresh, and the combinations are so delicious. All this talk is making me hungry I'm so amazed that they can sell the Bullt subs for only $3.00 Way to go Quiznos!!!

  2. Dear Friend, we have two things in common. Paris, and great taste in sandwiches. thank you for peeking in on S365, come back soon. Sam


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