Best Chicken Sandwich Faux You!

Tempe Arizona's "Green" New American Vegetarian Restaurant won the contest for best chicken sandwich in the nation. But big surprise, there's not an ounce of chicken on the sandwich. These fine folks beat out serious contenders from New York, Los Angeles and other big cities as PETA's best mock-chicken sandwich in America contest. "Green" owner, Damon Brasch is one creative guy. A true stand-out among many a chef, veggie or not! Meat-free, faux-chicken sandwiches are springing up at restaurants almost everywhere in America, so People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals decided to find the best. "Green's" secret barbecue sauce is comprised of caramelized onions, peppers, vegannaise and of all things, espresso beans. The chicken is soy-based, textured vegetable protein with spices.

Brasch says - - "The problem is that factory farming has gotten out of control and it's been out of control for about four years. We're hoping that the crowd who does eat meat regularly will come into the restaurant and see a steak sandwich on the menu. Or a chicken Parmesan. And they try it, and they realize that they like it. And they see the benefits: it's better for the environment, for personal health - there's zero cholesterol in the entire restaurant because cholesterol only comes from animal products - and it's promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle." I like the way this man thinks... I also like the way he makes a faux-chicken sandwich! I'll shall try one next month when I'm in the area. Congatulation Green!


  1. Hey there----great blog----always love a good sandwich! Visiting over from SITS!

  2. Hey Sam!
    Great blogs you have here! :) Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm so glad you enjoyed the art. I do love art, including sandwich art too!
    I enjoy abstract art the most, and I use all kinds of mediums, acrylics, water color, pastels, etc. I don't get to spend as much time on my art as I would like, as I'm not quite famous enough to pay my bills with it as of yet! LOL !! I'll have to think about doing something involving a sandwich now! You've inspired me for sure!
    See you again soon my new friend, take care,
    Julian :)

  3. OMGosh!!! How cool!!! I just did the "Bread Art Project" and I love it! I would love to feature your blog on my blog and bring lots of artist here to check this out! Let me know if this would be ok with you ! Where did you find this? Is this your organization? It's really incredible!! Awesome!
    take care,


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