Lighten Poverty, Rebuild Lives with Oprah!

At the risk of plagerizing the phenomenal writers/reporters at Oprah Mag, I wanted to bring attention to an opportunity to participate in a charity for the women of Rwanda and of New Orleans.  For the whole story behind these fun, affordable and meaningful bracelets click the title to this post and read the "O" article, an excert:  A levee breaks, and suddenly artists all over New Orleans are forced to rebuild their lives. Half a world away in Rwanda, survivors still fight every day to move beyond the genocide that wiped out nearly one million people. Now women from both countries are making friends, money, and the ultimate fashion statement. Introducing a brand-new O Bracelet!

Each bracelet has been around the world—the first thread woven in Rwanda and the last knot tied in New Orleans. The bracelet-makers on both continents are using their earnings to rebuild their lives. "The women are very grateful," says Stella Jones, the gallery owner who is overseeing the New Orleans group. "For some of them, this is their only source of income."

All the disks are rayon thread woven over sisal.
To Order: Visit www.Macys.com/obracelet. As part of a continued commitment to the women of Rwanda, Macy's is helping make these bracelets available and will receive no profit on their sale.

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