Have a Halloween Sandwich!

This Skull Sandwich is inspired by the symbolic skulls (calaveras) that are used to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Use the recipe to inspire your trick-or-treating kids. It's fun, inexpensive and yummy too. Here's how:
Peanut Butter
Mini Marshmallows
Cranberries and or Raisins
Pumpkin seeds
Chocolate Chips
Alternative fillings apply, see Mexican sugar skulls for ideas
Préparation and Decoration
Spread fillings on bottom slice of bread, set aside
Cut eyes and nose holes in top piece of bread with what ever works, i.e., cookie cutter, bottle cap, etc.
Cut teeth out with butter knife.
Using other kitchen items create decorative dots, flowers, and swirls
Fill in the teeth with something to make them pop
Garnish plate with marshmallow dots.

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  1. Good Morning! Stopping by from SITS!

    such a cute sandwich, I wish I had little ones to make it for! Love your blog!


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