McNally's Tavern was established in 1921 by Rose McNally whose intention was to provide a rest stop meal for PRT Trolly operators of the day. Since one of them was her hubby Hugh, it was a labor of love from it's inception. Now a Philadelphia landmark, McNally's Tavern is located in the city's Chestnut Hill neighborhood, across from the old trolley turn. "Look for the whitewashed building with cedar shakes over the wide green door and a welcome bench under a single coach light; when it's lit you're in luck".

It wasn't long before this Big League sandwich called "The Schmitter" was created. Said to be Philly's ultimate cheese steak, The Schmitter is a one-of-a-kind sandwich that has been a staple at McNally's for 45 years. And this sandwich travels, having made it's way to Super Bowl XXXIX, New York's Shea Stadium and many others along the way. I love the fact that a woman is responsible for this piece of sandwich history, and the next time I'm in Philly, McNally's Tavern will be my first stop!

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