That's Hollywood!

She's a millionaire many times over, known for her talent, beauty, business savvy and political antics. She married and divorced a French Journalist/author/actor/director/producer, a California politician and a multi-media-millionaire-mogul. She revolutionized the home video industry and has authored many books on nutrition, menopause, fitness and the like. She is an Oscar winning actress born into Hollywood royalty 71 years ago, and is still kicking butt and taking names today.
Dare I say her name here? Jane Fonda! Who is said to be writing another book, (this one about relationships) and is rumored to be planning marriage number 4 to Hollywood music producer Richard Perry, 67. She was introduced to him by her niece, actress Bridget Fonda last year.

No, I do not think four marriages is reason for a raised eyebrow. Not at all. Today I look back at my own life (I'm under 70) and think I have lived several lives to date. So what has this to do with sandwiches? For the very first time in the history of Sandwich 365, nothing. However I happen to know that Jane can make her way around a kitchen and knows healthy, fresh, nutritious ingredients. We're wishing you all the best Jane.

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