My Fantacity!

Hello Friends,

Have I mentioned my deep appreciation for architecture? In particular, a city skyline can take my breath away with its beauty and power. Take the New York City skyline for example, it has a wow factor, as does Chicago, Seattle and many other large cities, domestic or foreign.

It is the density with which a skyline is developed that says many things about a city. To me, sky scrapers reflect the very core, cultural pulse and economic engine of urban lifestyle. I have traveled much of the world and have had my imagination captured by many a skyline, but the one pictured above, for obvious reasons has me completely mesmerized.

This to me is the ultimate city. A city I want to live in, work in, shop in, eat in, and yes, make sandwiches in. Ideally, this skyline faces a beautiful harbor where commerce booms and fresh is everywhere. A bakery on almost every corner, never a stale piece of bread, and sandwiches are KING! Sigh


  1. Wouldn't that be yummy! I like how you think.
    There is something for you at my place.


  2. Hi there!

    I saw you over at Holly's blog (504 Main) and wanted to stop by to say hello. Your blog sounds right up my alley, so I'm your newest follower!

    I am hosting my first giveaway this week, so pop over if you have a chance: http://abbyandizzysmom.blogspot.com

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hey ...missing you down at the Lobster!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

    I LOVE New York.


  4. Mine would have a diet coke tower in as well!


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