A Mystery in a Mystery!

Yes friends, if you visit Sandwich 365 with any regularity, you know that we love to marvel about how, when one becomes "sandwich conscious" one begins to see that sandwiches are around us everywhere. Case in point, this vintage 10 cent detective novella from 1950 or so. Try to buy a copy today and it won't be priced under $100.00. To think that in my life-time such a book could so increase in value makes me feel like I've missed a boat or two. It's author, the late Fredric Brown was an American science fiction and mystery writer who was always more esteemed by fellow writers than the general public. Ayn Rand singled him out for high praise in her book The Romantic Manifesto, and famous pulp writer Mickey Spillane called Brown "my favorite writer of all time". Of course if you Google his name, you'll find that Brown was a very well established pulp writer himself with hundreds of titles to his name like:
"The Moon for a Nickel"
"The Cheese on Stilts"
"The Little Green Men"
"The Discontented Cows"
"Thirty Corpses Every Thursday"
"The Wicked Flea"
"The Laughing Butcher"
And of course "The Case of the Dancing Sandwiches"

Which brings me to the "mystery in the mystery". Most archived information about Brown and his books offer a title with a brief statement about the story's premise or plot line. But not in the case of "The Case of the Dancing Sandwiches". For the life of me, I can't find a single word written about this book or it's plot. It's been categorized as one of Brown's novels, written in 1951, and that's the extent of information I've been able to dig up. Do you know anything about this mystery? You could even make up a plot and I wouldn't know the difference. Anyone?

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  1. Fantastic find. Where did you get the photo from? If it's sandwich related you sure can sniff it out!


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