A Guru's Christmas Treet!

Ello Mes Amis,

I'm sure that from time to time you have wondered what a Sandwich Guru finds under her tree on Christmas morning. Perhaps you will agree that there is nothing more welcome than a cozy pair of slippers for toasting your toes through the icy winter months. You can imagine how pleased I was to find not one, but two pair of these deliciously decadent and useful feasts for the feet. Great for loafing about the kitchen and in my case, hosting a magnificent spread. Both pair nicely with matching attire so as not to be caught in an embarrasing moment when stepping onto the stoop to grab the morning paper.
There's nothing nicer than head to toe whole grain goodness, wouldn't you agree?


  1. Darhling:

    Manolo couldn't hope for better. Those slippers take the cake...er loaf. You have such style. Send me a pair. No wait. Don't. Terry ,my airedale, does NOT have a shoe fetish...but bread...that's her weakness!!

  2. Wait -- are those REALLY slippers made to look like bread? I'm super gullible here... DON'T MESS WITH ME!!!

  3. SQUEE!
    Aren't those just hilarious!!? Perfect for a Christmas Pajama Brunch,no?
    Oh, my bloggyfriend I have missed you so!
    So sad your company is gone, but so happy you can blog more often- (selfish me, I know)

    Happy 100th Follower!!

  4. These are so cool!! Perfect for you!
    Enjoy your weekend :-)

  5. I love it! Love it love it! Your humor is most tasty my dear, and I am glad you liked my sammie as well, my beloved #8 on wheat, easy lettuce, add avocado... I will be back!

  6. Very cute....looks so real :)

  7. Oh my gosh these are hilarious! I want some!

    Fantastic blog you have here!

    Happy New Year to you!

  8. fantastic blog! I also adore sandwiches...so I definitely will be coming by to check these out...love it!

  9. Thank you for the comment! I have read many of your posts and loving it. I think these are fantastic! I think I should buy my dad some :)

  10. If I had those slippers, I would constantly sniff my own feet.

    Well, you know, more than I do now.

  11. WOW...awesome job with bread...

  12. Well, Ms. Samwich, I had planned to post a pic of the two loaves I made yesterday--one whole wheat and one white, but how silly would that be after seeing your blog? Wow!Now I know who to ask the finer points of proofing, et. al.--that is, if I ever get to the fine points.( I could post some of the revision I made in the Clyde story though!)

    By the way, Sam, ou est vous, i.e., sur la planet?? Mon francaise is tres ROUGH!

  13. Ha! I'm surprised they didn't call them "loafers." bu dum che!

    Love your breezy writing style and your posts. Will be stopping by regularly.

  14. ha ha! i'll have to remember that for my FIL bday! cute!


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