A Sammy for the Grammys

A quickie open faced sandwich thrown together in time to watch the Grammy's tonight turned out to be a light and delicious dinner that has earned a place on my list of favorites.
This Grammy Sammie is really an English appetizer in disguise. It calls for a poached egg, but we Pam-pan fried ours under a medium flame instead, used a perfectly ripened avocado as a delicious and creamy garnish and freshly cut parsley from the little herb garden that could.
Here's what we used:
A couple of pads of butter
Great rustic sour dough bread
The freshest eggs we could find
A small white onion
A couple of cloves of fresh garlic
2 8 Ounce boxes of button mushrooms
Freshly ground black pepper
Slight drizzle of soy sauce
Sea salt
Here's how we did it:
Sauteed butter, garlic and onion in a saute pan until onions were translucent. Added mushrooms and sauteed them until golden brown, drizzled with soy. Served atop toasted bread with a perfectly fried egg atop it. Sprinkled with parsley, black pepper and Hawaiian sea salt.


  1. this looks so tasty!!

  2. I tried to capture your feed in google reader, but it doesn't have any past last August. Do I need to do it some other way?

  3. I don't get your feeds either!!
    This looks delicious for me - once I got rid of the mushrooms!!
    Have a great day :-)

  4. Thanks for stopping by, you have a great blog!!! I am now following you as well!

  5. This looks delicious! Plus, I love the name--and the Grammys are my fave!

  6. Yeah, I should say that this sammy would satisfy my tastebuds.....and let me tell you after seeing that you have 171 followers......I need something! I'm super jealous!

  7. Oh, the first blog post I look at and it's divinely delicious! I can't wait to read more! Thanks for the follow, and I love what I've seen of your site...I need to make better sandwiches, to cover up the awful Gluten free breads I eat, so teach me.

  8. my mother says PAM stands for Prevent A Mess. Thanks for the post. great recipe!

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    You need to have a button from the main page [the bloggers over 50 blogroll site] and have that button linked to our members' site. I've had too many complaints that when they visit other bloggers that there is no link going directly to the main page so they can continue visiting others.

    If you have it already, please tell me where....as I'm not seeing it.

    I'd love to add your blog, but I need to have that link first so I won't be upsetting other members.

    Thanks for understanding.

  10. I love eggs on sandwiches. It's how I think radiance must taste.

  11. This looks fantastic! I adore Egg sandwiches!!! I have most of the ingredients on hand however I will need to track down some so rustic sourdough bread.... Actually we are headed out now, maybe I will get some and make this for dinner!

  12. Oh the When Harry met Sally - Wasn't it roast beef...

  13. Ah ha- This looks like a sandwich I could love!!


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