Warm Egg Salad w/Greek Yogurt!

A Sandwich From "First Make A Roux"Anyone who knows these United States, knows the word Louisiana is synonymous with the word "party". But mardi gras and authentic jazz music are a small part of what's worth celebrating about the place. If you read my blog with any regularity, you know what a huge fan I am of the culture and food that sets Louisiana apart from almost every other state. Now I have even more reason to love it. Meet my friend "E" whose blog "First Make a Roux" has me spellbound when ever I visit. This woman can cook, and as important, she can make a sandwich too. When you open her blog, you come as close to smelling a blog over the Internet as is possible, I am not exaggerating! Prove it to yourself and go there as soon as you finish reading this. Really, it's one of the best blogs I know.

Here is "First Make a Roux's" submission for S365's Sandwich Art Slide Show. She took it to the next level and submitted the recipe too. Gotta love this woman! And this Sandwich!
1/4 cup low fat strained Greek yogurt (i.e., Oikos, Fage, Voskos, etc.)
1 tbsp light mayo
2 tbsp fresh chives, snipped
1 1/2 tbsp celery, minced
1 tsp red wine vinegar
Salt & Pepper
Creole seasoning, and/or hot sauce
5 large boiled eggs, peeled and chopped while still warm (not hot, don't burn yourself)
1 generous hand full of arugula, for topping
1 medium size ripe tomato, sliced
4 slices of your favorite bread
Whisk the first five ingredients together in a medium sized mixing bowl. Season the mixture to taste with any combination of salt, pepper, Creole seasoning, and hot sauce. Gently stir in the warm, chopped eggs until combined. Taste and adjust seasonings, build your sandwiches ant top them with sliced tomato and arugula. Makes enough egg salad for two generous sandwiches!


  1. This sandwich looks amazing. Is it the photo or the sandwich or both? What ever it is, I want to eat it. You're right about "First Make a Roux"! Great blog site. thanks. Kyle

  2. Anything Greek I'm all ova it!

  3. I love the word 'roux.' It sounds fancy, right?

    It's even better when it comes out of Paula Deen's mouth, I think.

  4. Woo! Thanks so much, Sam! You are just too kind. I'm flattered the the Gourou de Sandwich approves!


  5. I;m liking First, make a roux! And I'm liking this sandwich ;~).

  6. Thanks, everyone! :) I'm so happy about everyone who has visited my blog because of this post. And I'm glad to have some new blogs to visit, too.

    Sam, thanks again! BTW, I would like to do an interview post about you on my blog. I sent you an email. Check your Spam folder just in case!

  7. Attn, Sam: http://makearoux.blogspot.com/2010/03/feeling-blogger-love.html

  8. I am going to make this, looks so yummy!

  9. We make egg salad sandwiches all the time, great summer snacks.

  10. OOOOHH I can't wait to make this!~ Sounds and looks amazing! Thanks Sam!

  11. Well, I know the love for New Orleans -- that's where my husband and I spent both our honeymoon and 10th anniversary. One reason is undoubtedly the food! And this defnitely looks worthy!

  12. That looks fabulous! Now the Canadian needs to know what is Creole seasoning?

    I came by to say thanks for stopping on my blog earlier.


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