My new friend and S365 follower Cathy from "Wives With Knives" has amazing talents which she highlights regularly on her blog of the same name. Nothing like knowing your stuff like Cathy does, and it doesn't hurt that she happens to be a bona fide artist! As a matter of fact, she's so refined in her presentation of fabulous food, I think she needs to have her own magazine.

Cathy has a collection of recipes the likes of which I have never seen, and this says a mouth full since I'm constantly cruising the web for foodie inspiration. From her Crab Louie to this fabulous Mexican Torta on Bolillo bread which she has offered up as a Cinco De Mayo feature for S365, her stuff is "Always Fun, and Sometimes Edgy". Go to her blog and cop this recipe. She even tells you how to make the Bolillo bread.

Cathy lives, eats and cooks in the Pacific North West, but her palate pretty much covers the globe! Gracias Cathy, Happy Cinco De Mayo!


  1. Thank you so much, Keri, for selecting this torta as your Cinco de Mayo sandwich. It's one of my favorites. All your very generous praise has me blushing and I appreciate it so very much. Your blog is terrific and I can't wait to try many, many recipes. Gracia.

  2. That's just pretty. I mean, I know Subway workers are incorrectly labeled as "sandwich artists" but whoever made that really is a sandwich artist.

    I hate Subway. Have I mentioned that? They're like the pimps of sandwich making.

  3. Cathy, thank YOU for your wonderful Torta! My sister saw it and said it looks too pretty to eat. I'm glad you think S365 is fun and hope you'll come back now and then. Remember to share any sandwich trivia you happen on. I'd love that. Thanks again. Keri, a.k.a. Sam

  4. Hey Sara, I agree with you about Subway, AND Cathy's Torta. You crack me up! Pimps of sandwich making! Too funny! I love you Keri

  5. It really is a lovely sandwich and it is perfect for Cinco de Mayo. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary


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