Okay Foodies (and non-foodies) break out your dutch ovens (or just a butter knife) and get in the game. CSNStores.com is hosting this contest and the payoff is a gift card valued at $40.00 for use at any of their 200 plus online stores. This time, it's all about a sandwich (surprise, surprise!). I know you have a favorite (almost everyone does), and I would love nothing more than to see/read about yours. It doesn't have to be pretty (but it helps) or fancy, just your best effort at making a delicious sandwich and submitting it here within the allotted time frame (ends 12:00 noon EST September 12).

If in the recent past you've posted a sandwich on your own blog, use it. Just send me the link and I'll take it from there. Or get creative and make one especially for this CSNStores occasion. Here are the details and simple entry guidelines:

1. Submit your sandwich (s) (with photo & list of ingredients) one of two ways:

* Via email to ditokeri@yahoo.com (leave a comment telling me you have done so)
* Leave the link/URL with a comment at the end of this post

2. You must be a S365 follower to win, so hit the follow button before you enter
3. Any combo of veggie or protein wrapped in a starch qualifies as a sandwich
4. Anyone who submits a sandwich but does not win, will automatically earn five entree
points into the next S365 Giveaway and be featured in a future S365 post

Since we can't taste your entrees, sandwiches will be judged on presentation, use of ingredients, and uniqueness. Remember, if you submit a sandwich but do not win, you will automatically earn five entree points into the next S365 Giveaway and be featured in a future S365 post. The best of luck to everyone!


  1. HI Le
    This is my entry to your event, as for now. Will try to send again.


  2. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog, S365. Here's a link to the sandwich I made and posted about recently for another contest.



  3. Keri!! Thank so much for following my blog and for commenting on my Foodie Linky Post! I'm following you, too. Count me in for this contest!


    Cheffie Jo

  4. I'm not expecting to win, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy this.

  5. I have nothing ready to go for this contest, but wish you well and know you will have a fabulous response. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. Hi Keri, I think you have seen this post in my blog. I submitted this entry for another contest some time ago. Here is the link: http://cookinggallery.blogspot.com/2010/08/giant-prawn-tempura-wraps-with-spicy_23.html

  7. Hi Keri, thanks for commenting on my Hurricane cocktail and becoming a follower.

    I love sandwiches and after last night, I have a new favorite which is the Muffaletta http://punkaroonie.blogspot.com/2010/08/muffaletta.html

    And my daughter who is peeking over my shoulder would like to say that her favorite is a S'Mores sandwich: http://punkaroonie.blogspot.com/2008/08/miss-victorias-newest-favorite-sandwich.html

  8. Interesting contest but I don't think I have a sandwich post. Gotta work on it.

  9. S'mores Sandwich, sadly no pictures. I do have two different directions.

    For the regular version;
    Two slices of wheat bread

    On one slice of bread put a nice thick layer of Peanut Butter & Company Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter and on the other slice put a nice thick layer of Fluff (not marshmellow creme). Put the slices together and slice in half.

    Now for the cold weather version, create the sandwich above, but then lightly butter the outside and then grill it like a grilled cheese. The peanut butter and Fluff get all ooey gooey, but just be careful not to get it to hot, the Fluff can burn your lips.


  10. Woo hoo! I love a good contest and your blog also!

    This is one of our favorite sandwiches:


    Have a good day! Pam


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