Whitney Miller is a 22 year old student from Mississippi. She is the very first MasterChef America winner! Whoooo Hooooooo!! The prize: $250,000 and a cookbook deal. PLUS, she got to cook for Gordon Ramsey!


Kevin Sbraga is a 31 year old New Jersey native and Executive Chef at Rat's Restaurant at The Grounds for Sculpture. Kevin won first prize on Bravo's Top Chef. His prize: $125,000, a feature in Food and Wine Magazine, and a prominent spot at Food and Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado.

Whitney and Kevin won their respective contests by elevating every dish and every ingredient to new levels in excellence and daring. Unfortunately, neither one of them brought a sandwich to the table.


  1. Hi
    Congratulations to the winner. One of my dreams to enter in a contest similar like this(may be not so high level)
    Great show.
    Thanks to the channel for such a wonderful pgm.

  2. Wasn't Whitley's win awesome? When I think of her being the youngest, dropping that chicken, etc. Amazing! I had been rooting for both contestants, but then the guy started bawling one too many times, and it was Whitley all the way. ;)

    This was the first season of Top Chef that I did not watch. I bailed after the 3rd episode, annoyed by all the political undertow. Thanks for updating me.

  3. We are so proud of Whitney down here in MS.

  4. Actually, Whitney did make an egg sandwich, didn't she?


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