I HEART "CHORIPANES" {cho-ree-pan-es}

There's a scene in Mr. Robert Duvall's 2003 labor of love, "Assassination Tango" the movie, when Duvall's character (John J.) vigorously eats a Choripan sandwich while standing on a street corner. Duvall kind of dances with this sandwich as he tries not to catch it's drippings on his clothes, very sexy. The REAL dancing in this movie (mostly Tango of course) is exquisite. Okay, finding that sexy may be proof that there's something seriously wrong with me.
Basically a glorified hot-dog, the Choripan is a roadside favorite in the streets of major Argentinian cities. In Argentina a "Choripán" sandwich (plural: "Choripanes") consists of Chorizo sausage, hot off the grill, split down the middle, and served on a crusty baguette which holds up well to the juicy chorizo and makes a perfect bread-meets-meat fusion. Add a little chimichurri and this sandwich rocks!
"Assassination Tango" is where I first learned of Choripanes, and I'll admit to becoming a little obsessed during the weeks that proceeded my next visit to South Florida where such cuisine is plentiful. When I finally arrived, finding a good Choripan Sand was easy. I would still L O V E to have a video of that scene on the street with Robert Duvall and his Choripan. Ole!


  1. Maybe because im a foodie but watching a man eat a sandwich is very sexy. lol.
    that sandwich does sound kinda good right about now.

  2. Looks like a sausage poboy to me! lol Love chirizo sausage, when I can find it!

  3. Had never heard of this sandwich before - thanks for introducing me! Chorizo and chimichurri sounds like an awesome combination!

  4. I feel like people from many a South American country have a genuine appreciation and respect for the sandwich, especially the meat that goes on that sandwich.

    I need to go to Argentina and get to know their sandwiches. Biblically.

  5. This is a rather strange website, lol !!!

  6. Great looking sandwich! Chorizo with chimichurri on a crusty baguette... How can you go wrong! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

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  8. Oh, damn! Dancing + a sausage sandwich? SIGN ME UP! YUMMY!


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