NINE DAYS and counting to the 2010 Po-Boy Preservation Festival, where "it's all about the food". The festivities take place every year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving in celebration of the Po-Boy Sandwich, it's history in Louisanna, and it's "roll" in New Orleans’ culinary culture! How can you not love a city that strives to preserve and celebrate a sandwich?

2010's fest is presented by Blue Plate Mayonnaise will feature three stages with live music, arts and crafts, a children's section with games and prizes, panel discussions covering the history of the po-boy, a raffle for a jet ski and, of course, the best tasting po-boys in New Orleans.

The festival is seeking sponsors, so sign on to their website to participate!!


  1. OMG! I love NOLA and would love to be there for that. It would be a blast. There's nothing like a Po Boy!!!

  2. Gosh I want one so bad now, or even a shrimp salad would be good right now, lol!

  3. Thanks for the reminder! I might just have to go to this one. Btw, I had a shrimp poboy for lunch yesterday! :)

  4. I had my first and only po boy some years ago when I was in New England. Don't know why I've not had one since because it was excellent. This one looks fantastic. Alas, I won't be there.

  5. I'm sorry, there's a Po-Boy preservation festival?

    Son of a bitch, I'm always living in the wrong place!

  6. You've gotta love folks who are so dedicated to their food! They know what's important in life ... :)


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