Where in the world have I been? It's not a very compelling story. I'd love to report that I've been traveling the globe in search of the latest sandwich news, but being honest, that is not the case.

In all truth, my attention was temporarily diverted from this fabulous world of sandwiching, can you imagine? But I'm back now with affirmation that all that glitters is not gold. Unless of course it's a lovely piece of faccocia or sourdough that's been toasted to golden perfection.

So last night started out to be somewhat dreary. No one has had time for grocery shopping lately, leaving few choices for dinner.

This old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard which seemed to be nothing but bare. When way in the back, up under some snacks, she found what was soon to be fare.

A not so fancy can of Albacore Tuna was staring me right in the face. I scoured the fridge in search of ingredients that still had a breath of life in them and came up with a simple sandwich that was most satisfying indeed. Hey, it doesn't have to be fancy or exotic. That my friends, is the beauty of the sandwich.Albacore packed in water is my favorite canned tuna to work with. It's clean of any dark meat which tends to smell a little fishier than does the more mild white meat of Albacore. Just placing it into a bowl (after draining) conjures up memories of the wholesome tuna sandwiches Mother used to make, not to mention the possibility of whipping up something really delicious without much work. I love traditional tuna salad with Mayo, chopped celery, chopped onion and sweet pickle relish. Matter of fact, the only way I will ever eat sweet pickle relish is in a tuna salad. Otherwise, it's not one of my favorites.
Didn't go the traditional route last night though. Instead, I used chopped celery mixed with a little olive oil and lemon in the tuna mix (trying to stay away from Mayo right now, my biggest weakness). The lemon really brightens the tuna flavor, and of course olive oil keeps it moist and lean. Saving the other ingredients for the outside of the sandwich, I laid the sliced Como Loaf bread on a cooking sheet and lightly toasted both sides under the broiler, then began stacking flavors, starting with jalapeno peppers, Bermuda onion, pickled capers and a creamy Vintage white cheddar cheese. Then back under the broiler for a minute or two (just until the cheese melted) which helps to marry the flavors quickly.

For a small side dish, I peeled, then sliced a large cucumber into a bowl. Over it I drizzled seasoned Rice Vinegar ("Original" which is a little sweet), a tiny bit of olive oil, freshly ground pepper and coarse salt. A perfect compliment to the sandwich. Simple and good, that's how me likes it.


  1. You had me at "creamy Vintage white cheddar cheese." Thinly slices pears would have been good on the melt too (unlike boyfriend, I like sweet with my savory). My favorite sanwich is a vietnamese sandwich from "Buu Dienc" in LA's Chinatown, outta this world!

  2. I like them with black olives! Love the addition of capers and jalapenos, too!

  3. Welcome back to Blogland! Looks yummy! I love tuna and cucumbers!

  4. ahhhhhhh, you are a sandwich fanatic too! PALS!! :)


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