When Mezzetta Company held their "Make That Sandwich" recipe contest, I jumped at the opportunity to submit my fantastic Puttanesca sandwich. Unfortunately, it was not chosen as winner, but in my world, this one has winner written all over every bite.

Contest rules disallowed publishing the recipe prior to the contest end, so I never got around to posting it here on S365. Now that fresh herbs and veggies are becoming plentiful again, this is a good time to revisit the Puttanesca.

A lot of thought went into this delicious satisfyer, and if you're a lover of savory, fresh Italian flavors and ingredients, making it will be worth the effort. One small change has been made to the recipe, so these photos will differ slightly from your end result. Now it's even better.

Part of the recipe challenge was to use as many Mezzetta products on your sandwich entry as possible. I must admit it, they do make products that are superior to others on the market. On the other hand, if you have a preference for another brand, go for it.

Mayo Spread Ingredients: 1 cup mayo - 2 tsp granulated garlic - 4 tsp anchovy paste - 1/4 cup capers - - Mix ingredients together in a mini-chop or blender and refrigerate until you build sandwiches - - Veggie Chop Ingredients: 1/3 cup Calamata Olives, diced - 1 1/2 cups fresh tomato, diced - 1/3 cup red onion, diced - 1/4 cup pimento, diced - -mix all diced veggie together in a bowl and let sit for about 15 minutes to allow flavors to marry - Bread, Meat Cheese & Lettuce: 6 to 8 pieces fresh Parmesan cheese, shaved - 4 slices rotisserie chicken breasts - 2 leafs romaine lettuce - 2 ciabatta rolls with bottom slices hallowed leaving 1/4 inch bread - - Herb Mix: 1/4 fresh basil - 1/4 cup fresh parsley - 2 tbls fresh oregano, all chopped - -

Build your sandwich: Spread the mayo mix into the hallowed out ciabatta bread, place lettuce atop the spread, then sliced chicken breast, then veggie chop. Leave the sandwich open for plating beside the freshly chopped herb mix allowing each individual to use the herbs to taste.


  1. I could sure dive into that sammy.

  2. Ooooo! I will need to try that mayo with anchovies and capers! I bet it really flavors everything wonderfully!

  3. What a great idea girl! I would love this sammie, I owe you one...on the way!

  4. Chef E!!! thanks, I hope you do make it and enjoy it as much as we do. And thank you so much for the marinated cracked crab recipe. I saw it on line but questioned the fact that it was dungenus crab, and I would swear there were capers and/or pepper corns in it. However I did not see that persons reference to the Cockatoo Inn and a cookbook, good lookin out. I sent it to my sister to see if it sounds like the one! If it is... o m g... you got a kiss comin, right on the lips.

  5. Kay, if you try that spread, you'll be hooked. It's really awesome.. I have a few others that will knock your socks off too. Keri

  6. I think it's so neat you do things like that.

    Now, I don't cook, so I will never be able to shame anyone. However, I would kick ass at a sandwich eating contest.

    Or pie.

    Or burritos.

    What can I say? I have a gift.

  7. How could this not have won?!? I'm drooling and it's 10 PM and I've eaten dinner. This one should have won!!!


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