Once you have had your fill of the Sirachi Chicken over Jasmine rice , what else is there? In our house it’s a container of chicken breasts floating in savory remnants produced by yesterday’s slow simmer, a.k.a. Part 1.

By now the onion/garlic/sirachi/soy consistency is perfect for spreading over the inside of toasted bread (we used Kaiser roll). Slice a nice size piece of the tender chicken to lay atop whatever green you prefer (we used leafy lettuce), and a lovely slice of mild cheese is optional.

A side dish of remnants is also good to have around should the mood strike you to do a little dipping with your sandwich. A garnish of something cool like cucumber salad or carrot sticks will do well to cleanse the palate between delectable bites.

Side note: Am I the only one having spacing issues on blogger?


  1. Hi, Keri, I am having spacing issues too! I keep trying to reduce the space between pictures and texts and it keeps resetting itself!

  2. Another great sandwich! I love Sriracha sauce! Since it's spicy good these have to be delicious!

  3. Keri, I'm having spacing issues as well. Sometimes the system won't let me fix my format at all... I had to delete and completely reformat my blog from 4/1/11. Frustrating! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. Oh, major yummy. Regarding the spacing issues, I don't remember how, but I was able to fix them by using the html tab. Tell me what you're looking for exactly and I'll try to walk you through it.


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