Dagwood Bumstead Sandwich!

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King Features Syndicate
Originally posted by: Elaine Caldwell (KVNH17B)

3 lg Onions 1 Head lettuce 4 Tomatoes, sliced 1 Lobster tail 1 Eagle talon 1 Fish (pref.2-days old) 1 Pot spaghetti - Cold and gooey 1 lb Bacon (cooked?) 1 Meatloaf 1 Ham 1 Fried egg (over easy) 1 String of sausages 1 Mayonnaise, gallon 1 Jar of pickle relish 1 Tin of sardine in oil 1 Bottle of ketchup 1 Bottle Sweet mustard 1 Hot mustard 1 Loaf Bread Assorted cheese Assorted vegetables Assorted olives
Arrange the ingredients between two slices of bread
Une notation du Gourou de Sandwich: Two slices of bread? I think not!

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