French Sandwiches? Ooh la la!

Did you know that French people ate more than 1 billion sandwiches last year? A jump from just 50 million only two years ago. Indeed, the nations tastes are changing and it's a wonderful thing.
Traditionally, the French have enjoyed a sit-down lunch at a local brasserie. But in 2008, restaurants and cafes saw an increase in bankruptcies of more than 26%.

A reflection of the our global economic slump perhaps, or have they only just awoken to the beauty that is the Sandwich?

What's more, Paris will host the "European Sandwich & Snack Show" next month, and chefs from around the world will converge upon the city to compete for the
2009 "Sandwich World Cup". An award the French have not yet won over the past 6 years.

In 2008, more than 7000 culinary professionals attended and/or participated in show.
I am on the edge of my seat about the turn-out this year. Please, to come and see me when you are there. We'll have a sandwich together, mon ami.

Indeed, the sandwich is on the rise in popularity, and who better than the French to bring it to a state of perfection, no?

As we speak, $5.1 billion worth of sandwiches sell per year in France, with sandwich bars offering fillings such as foie gras w/onion confit on a baguette. Ooh la la!
Magnificent, oui?
Love, Sam

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