A True Sandwich Hero!

Mr. Noel Lighthart of PA loves a good Corned Beef Sandwich, so on a lunch break last December the Father of five visited Pumpernick's Deli in Montgomery PA.

While waiting for his Corned Beef on Rye he noticed a young woman in the back of the deli who was seemingly upset and hovering over her 18-month-old toddler.

Instinctively, Noel rushed to the table. As he came closer, he realized the little girl was choking and all attempts by her Mother to unblock her airways were not working.

Thanks to his training in CPR, Noel offered to help. The women backed away and handed him the baby almost before he could complete his sentence. The baby was turning blue. He cradled the prone girl in one palm, rubbing her back and then gave two firm pushes as a crowd of people watched in horror!
On the second push, a wad of half-chewed chicken nugget popped out. The girl, began to cry and it was like music. She had not made a sound until then.
When she reached for her Mother, he knew the CPR had worked, so he left the deli forgetting all about his sandwich. Noel didn't tell anyone about the incident, but because he was wearing his company uniform, witnessess called and reported his heroic act. Soon after, he was duped into attending what he thought was a safety meeting, where he was presented with a trophy and $1,000.

A few weeks ago, he was honored with the Excellence in Customer Service Award for going above and beyond the call of duty for their large customer base.

Looking back, Lighthart isn't sure what prompted him to stop at Pumpernick's. It was a busy day, traffic was heavy and the restaurant is difficult to get in and out of, he said.
"Something told me to go back there," he said. But Lighthart doesn't want to tempt fate by returning to the deli, no matter how good their corned beef is.
I wonder, did Pumperniks ever get the Corned Beef Sandwich to this Hero?
Let us hope so, oui?

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