Le Sandwich Board!

***A college student in Salem VA reached her goal to eat all 70 different sandwiches on the menu at Macado's Resturaunt (East Main Street). She finished her 70th sandwich on April 30, just two days before graduation, working her way through the entire menu in less than 4 years! Burp!

***On May 13 retailer AM PM is introducing a new chicken sandwich at participating convenience stores accross the United States. It's touted to be 33% bigger and better than the old one with a more sweet and savory flavor. The sandwich will retail at just $1.29 for the first 2 months of the promotion which they're calling "More Cluck for the Buck". Good Luck w/the new cluck!

***On Wednesday Canada's political newspaper "The Hill Times" partnered with The Canadian Pork Council and hosted lunch for their employees where they served up pulled pork sandwiches for everyone. The barbecue was meant to be a reminder to everyone in Canada that you can not contract swine flu by eating swine. Must they refer to it as swine?

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