"Scratch to Win" Sandwiches in Las Vegas!

Not so long ago, as a younger, hungrier sandwich Epicurean, Le Gourou de Sandwich spent several years in the state of Nevada (among other places) mastering the art of the sandwich. Those tender years were rich with new experiences and less than rich in monetary rewards. But thanks to Capriotti's Sandwich Shops, we never went without a good sandwich.
Founded in 1976, Capriotti's Sandwich Company is a multiple award-winning specialty sandwich retailer with more than 50 locations in eight states: Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Utah & Nevada. With a reputation for gourmet taste, Capriotti's prides itself on using the freshest ingredients for a taste of home in every bite. See more at http://www.capriottis.com/.
Las Vegas residents can now "Scratch to Win" Capriotti's fantastic menu items. The promotion takes place during the month of July only and everyone will have a chance to win prizes like a free soft-drink, free sandwich, etc. The grand prizes will go to ten customers who will win a year's worth of flavorfull Capriotti's sub-sandwiches.
"You never lose when you visit a Capriotti's," said Ashley Morris CEO of Capriotti's. "We want to reward Las Vegas residents for their consistent support and give them even more reasons to visit one of the many shops in the area. No matter what prize you take home, Capriotti's has something for everyone." Bon appétit, Sam

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  1. That is so cool! I wish they would offer the same thing here in Florida!


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