Palomilla Steak Sandwich!

Submitted by:
HTB & Family
Hollywood, Florida

This is just one example of the spectacular sandwich submissions we see coming out of Florida lately. What's going on down there? Did they put something in the water? The air? Perhaps this calls for a short trip south for Le Gourou de Sandwich. One must follow the love, and of course, the sandwich!
French Hamburger buns brushed with olive oil & garlic
Palomilla Steak salt & peppered
Munster Cheese
Red Onions - carmelized in olive oil & salt, pepper & a dash of Soy Sauce
Cook Steak on a grill pan or skillet. It only takes about a min or two on each side.
Pile the steak on the open bread, cover with onions & cheese and place under the broiler until cheese is melted. Add some garlic hotsauce and devoure! Thank you so very much HTB&Fam, you have indeed mastered the art of the sandwich! Sam

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