Thompson Farms Smokehouse BLT!

Another trip to market yesterday. This time Harry's Framers Market in Marietta, GA. where I procured several lbs of bacon from Thompson Farms, a sustainable family farm dedicated to producing the highest quality all-natural pork products http://www.thompsonfarms.com/.

Submitted by:
Me, Sam. The Sandwich Guru, Aka "Le Gourou de Sandwich" if your French.
4 Slices French Boule Bread (or favorite bread)
8 Slices Thompson Farms Smokehouse Bacon
2 Lettuce leaves
12 Cherry tomatoes, sliced in halves (or tomato of choice)
Place bacon in cool, heavy skillet on medium/high and cook until crispy. Remove, let cool on paper towel, assemble remaining ingredients on toasted bread. Bon appétit, Sam

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