Sweet Italian Sausage Sandwich!

1 Package sweet Italian sausage
1 Sandwich roll or choice of bread
1 Sprinkle basil garlic olive oil
1/2 Ounce Parmesan cheese, shaved
1 Tbls sauteed mushroom
1 Leave of any green leafy lettuce
1 Small tomato, thinly sliced
Cook Italian Sausage on rotisserie grill until well done, let cool and butterfly. Saute mushrooms in a small pan with crushed garlic and olive oil, remove from pan and let cool to room temp. Drizzle both sides of toasted sandwich roll lightly with flavored oil. Assemble sandwich to your liking or as seen in the above fabulous photo. Enjoy with red wine and good company. Voilà
Bon appétit mes amis, au revoir Le Gourou de Sandwich,

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