Why Slow-Down?

Yes, mes amis, this is the dead of Summer. A time when sandwich-making typically comes to a bit of a slow-down. Not because it is too hot, weather is NEVER a good reason not to sandwich. Not because of diet, one can find a sandwich to meet any dietary restriction or requirement. Not because of vacation, why would anyone want a vacation from sandwiching, it would be absurd. Not for lack of inspiration, for the sandwich in and of itself is inspiration enough for daily sandwiching. Nor due to illness, if you've been including the right kind of sandwich with daily meals, it is impossible to fall ill. Or to economic woes, ready-made sandwiches and sandwich-making ingredients can be affordable for everyone. No, friends, here at S365 we know of no reason to slow-down on sandwich making. If you can think of one, please send it with your comment. Until then, Bon appétit, Sam

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