Boar's Head Sandwiches!

When all else fails, go to a local grocery store to find a decent sandwich to your liking. Grocery deli's are competitive in their prices and will usually be set-up to build your sandwich as you watch. It's a good bet that your sandwich ingredients will be fresh, including the bread since most stores have their own bakery.
This sandwich deli is inside Publix Supermarket in South Florida. As you can see, they use the famous Boar's Head luncheon meats, etc. to build a beauty of a sandwich right before your eyes. In the case of the sandwich pictured below, this is only HALF of a size 'regular' and it was most delicious with a glass of lime flavored beer and fantastic company. People I have to ask you... do you know of a better way to have a meal? Does it give you a feeling of satisfaction to have your sandwich instructions followed to the letter? Honestly, if I didn't have so many heels, I would feel like clicking them!
I will love seeing your favorites too. Just send me an email sandwich365@gmail.com and I'll put your favorite sandwich here on Sandwich 365 in your honor!



  1. Just came over from the foodie blogroll and I love your blog!! I love all things about the sammie!! Deb of Kahakai Kitchen has a group called Souper Sundays - everyone makes a soup, salad or sammie and she posts them all on her blog. See the guidelines here: http://kahakaikitchen.blogspot.com/2009/01/souper-sundays-details-and-guidelines.html. You might like that group.

  2. Sounds Great Kim, Thanks for stopping and compliments on S365. I'd love to participate and will go have a look.


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