The Niki Lee Steak Sandwich!

Submitted by Niki Lee
Dallas Texas
Your favorite sandwich steak
Sun dried tomatoes
Roma tomatoes
Leafy green lettuce (spring mix if available)
Hellmanns Mayo
Your favorite hot sauce
Swiss cheese, sliced
Cut baguette in half long ways. Spread mayo on both sides. Cut sun dried tomatoes length-wise with a pair of kitchen scissors and place on to bottom side of bread. Pile remaining ingredients and season with hot sauce. Any carnivore will love this one. Have a beer with it and remember me when you bite into this simple and delicious sandwich. I want to thank Sam for this opportunity. I love you Sam, and I always will. Niki Lee


  1. Kitty Retlaw8/11/09, 10:07 AM

    You dont like tomatoes, NikiLee!

  2. That's funny, I thought sure she was eating them when she shared this awesome sandwich with me. Thank you for being here. In more ways than one. Sam, aka KK


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