Sandwich News!

Hello mes amis,

I have many interesting sandwich incidences (w/photo) to report to you on Tuesday when I return from South Florida. Beginning last Thursday morning at Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta up to last night cruising through the harbor at Fort Lauderdale, my mission has been to explore the world of sandwiches as it exists here, so close, yet so far away from where I hang my hat in Atlanta.

Like we always say here at S365, the best thing since sliced bread is the sandwich and I will show you once again that the sandwich is e v e r y w h e r e ... In every city, burrow, section, suburb, neighborhood, district, parish, neck of the woods, subdivision and main street in America plus infinity and beyond............................................ Isn't it thrilling?

Yes, I know... not everything is a sandwich. There are more provocative, fancy, highly refined and more expensive dishes one can choose over a sandwich. But tell me, what is more appealing, affordable, portable and fabulous than a good sandwich? I say Nothing!!!!!!!! See you here on Tuesday.

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