Miss Harriet

This bitch is my second Cousin on Mother's side! She may look like a Dog, but she eats like a French Pig! Her Father was a middle-class spendthrift who squandered all his assets on a Pizzeria far from Paris where no sandwiches were ever sold. This prompted his wife to leave him while Miss Harriet was still a young girl. Harriet loved her Father and begged her Mother on bended hind legs until permitted to go live with the dead-beat pizza peddler. There Miss Harriet stuffed herself daily with pizza and fried potato chips growing to be very large around the middle. One day in early spring her Father died suddenly leaving the pizzeria and all it's contents to Miss Harriet. She was inundated with letters, telegrams, phone calls and visitors who did their best to convince her to sell the business and go back to Paris, and so she did...... To be continued....

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