Purple Chicken Sandwich on GMA?

A lady in Panama City Florida is one of my newest sheros. She won ABC's Good Morning America sandwich recipe contest a while back (see my post GMA) and on Friday September 18th will appear on the show. Ms. Barri Noll won with her submission of the pot roast sandwich. She loves to tell the story. “For a New Year’s resolution I decided I’m gonna really try to cook rather than just reheat. And I was trying to do all organic foods also so I made an organic pot roast and I went to feed it to my kids first thing in the morning for steak and eggs. They just kind of stared and moved it around and didn’t like it.” That night she threw some cream cheese in with the pot roast and her new recipe was born: “So I thought oh, well we’ve got Ritz crackers and so I spread it on the Ritz crackers and my husband just happened to bring home some brie cheese and so we put some brie cheese on that and they liked it.”

Turns out Ms. Noll didn't stop after the winning pot roast sandwich, she went on to create another unique creation whose key ingredient is of all things Purple Chicken. Barri writes: “The chicken dish called for white wine and I only had red wine and I thought what’s the difference? And so I went ahead and put the chicken in the crock pot and I put the red wine in and when it came out, the chicken was purple" she said. The purple chicken combined with banana peppers & spinach came together to make Barri’s “Mardi Gras sandwich.” "The sandwich earned it’s name because ...yellow bell peppers, and purple chicken, and we have some of the bagged spinach and the canned bell peppers and when I put them all inside of a pita pocket they were the colors of Mardi Gras!” This is my kind of lady!! Don't forget to watch this Friday morning. Congratulations to Ms. Noll.

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  1. Stopping by from SITS - I couldn't resist checking out a blog by someone called Le Gourou de Sandwich!


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