Award Winning Lunchboxes

I seem to have Britain on the brain this week, perhaps because as a people, our British buddies really know their way around a sandwich. As a matter of fact, according to the British Sandwich Association, the UK has a 3.3 billion commercial sandwich industry. Uncanny! But I digress, this is about sandwich packaging, not the sandwich, and it's for sure that Britain is on their game when it comes to the topic. Next time you're in London check the nearest ASDA shop and purchase the D&AD ASDA lunchboxes pictured above, designed by Emma Smart.
Ms. Smart: "Considering structure, graphics and materials I created a set of three lunchboxes for ASDA, the brief asked for them to be separate solutions, however still maintain a strong visual identity throughout the collection. The lunchboxes cover three distinctive ranges, healthy, satisfying and children's."
And I thought PRET was busy beefing things up in UK sandwich packaging. ASDA can give them a run for their money with these creations. I think the graphics on the inside of the unfolded boxes are a stroke of genius, especially fun for kids and great way to add a little panache to eating from a cardboard box. Even better is the little handle for an easy transport, brilliant!


  1. How cool are these? Those Brits I'll tell ya! Cutting edge!

  2. Brrrilliant! Makes me want to go out and buy a sammich just for the pkging! HA!

  3. found you through SITS; love the blog! Very original packaging!!!

  4. Despite the fact that I don't really know you, this made me think of your blog:

    "I believe that all anyone really wants in life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich."

    I can find a 30 Rock quote for almost anything.


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