"Roach Coach" Goes Gourmet!

The customized horn on an L.A. catering truck bellows the tune "La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha" announcing it's arrival as it rolls up the street. The driver parks the massive vehicle, jumps from the cab to the back of the wagon and for the next one or two hours, whips up short orders like tacos, bacon and eggs, and hot sandwiches for working folks in the area. A kitchen on wheels, affectionately referred to in some circles as "The Roach Coach" hasn't really changed very much over the years. That is until now. Thirty year old Filipino, Mark Manguera married into a Korean family and loves Korean BBQ. One evening while biting into a taco he had an epiphany, saying to his wife, "wouldn't it be great if someone put Korean BBQ on a taco?" A short time later, Mark bought himself a catering truck, brought in former RockSugar chef Roy Choi as a partner, and enlisted friends and family to begin blogging, branding and Twittering on his behalf.

Constant Twitter feeds connect Kogi Truck followers keeping them updated on arrival times and locations. A typical Kogi Truck stop will draw 300 to 800 people each time it parks, some times multiple times per day. But the big draw isn't only the social media connection, it's the bloody food, people! Check out the menu and calendar of weekly Kogy Truck stops at kogibbq.com.
Example on Today's Feature Menu:
The Twisted Banh Mi Dirty DAWG-six dallahs
Short Rib, Spicy Pork & Chicken Kogi Taco
Tofu Taco
Kogi Kimchi Spam Melt
Never mind the fabulous menu of BBQ'd meat mixtures, look at what's served on the side with each order:
! ~ Sesame-chili salsa roja
! ~ Julienne Romaine Lettuce-Cabbage tossed with Korean chili-soy vinaigrette
! ~ Cilantro-green onion-lime relish
! ~ Sea Salt
! ~ Lime, Orange and Red Radish Wedges

Check them out on You Tube and on line.


  1. Oh my GAWD! I just viewed their menu and let me tell you what.....it makes me wish I still lived in L.A.!!!!!!! You can fine um good lady!

  2. I keep comin' back and lookin' at all the Korean BBQ goodness. Why you gotta tease a grl?

  3. Well, Ms. HTB, I'm so impressed with your impecible taste, I'm sending you a round trip ticket to Los Angeles. AND a $100.00 gift card to Kogi Truck ...You're an amazingly loyal reader with great instincts. Congratulations.


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