Herbs and Flower Sandwich!

This Sandwich could take a while to make, that is unless you're already growing your own edible herb and flower garden in the back yard. The sandwich is a unique find, and the website I found it on is equally unique. If you have a few minutes click over to www.theherbcompanion.com and bookmark it for future use. Ms. Jo Ann Gardner (a fitting name) writes about dressing up an every day sandwich with her garden of herbs and flowers. She also makes the bread AND the spreads including home-made herb mayonnaise and other fabulous sounding condiments. This creation makes a Dagwood look like a mut!


  1. Sam, What an interesting sandwich,Great if your a vegaterian, It almost looks to beautiful to eat.. Maybe I can make me a Lei with that sandwich , Whats cha think Sam!!! Aloha From California

  2. I had no idea sammiches could look THAT good! I'm a follower for sure! Thanks for checking out my blog :)

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for checking out my blog (Laffty Crafty) I can't wait to share you blog with my husband! He is a self-professed "sandwich artist" Your blog is Amazing!!!


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