I must admit to threatening on more than one occasion a move, lock, stock and barrel to the middle of New York City. Motive? So I can partake of sandwiches from "Wichcraft, a sandwich service" every single day. This is no ordinary sandwich stand, people. As a matter of fact, in terms of food quality it's on par (or better) with the very best New York Delicatessen and many a restaurant in the city. Get a load of the pictured sandwich;
The Sicilian Tuna ~ Fennel, black olives & lemon on baguette. Or consider the
Fried Eggs Sandwich ~ Bacon, gorgonzola & fresee on ciabatta roll.
View their "Wich Gallery" and see the whole menu on their site wichcraftnyc.com.
If not New York, then try Las Vegas where "Wichcraft" is located inside the MGM Grand Hotel. Top Drawer! Or San Francisco around Mission and 5th, my personal favorite.

Privately held by it's founders, Tom Colicchio, famous chef and head judge on Bravo's "Top Chef" program, and his partners, Sisha Ortuzar and Jeffrey Zurofsky, "Wichcraft" uses quality ingredients made mostly on site, from scratch, like slow roasted, braised and poached sustainably raised meats with greenmarket veggies. Their goal? "To change the perception that exceptional food should be “experienced" in a formal atmosphere and with great ceremony. Their tag line? "Real Food, Hand Crafted" I love it! Bon appetit


  1. I don't even like tuna yet some how this sandwich speaks to me! And I must say that anything that Mr. Colicchio is a part of must be brilliant! I have to give it to you Sam, once again you've brought it all to the table!

  2. I am a big fan of Tom Colicchio and all his establishments. Great post. Wonderful blog.And now its lunch time and I need a sandwich. Thanks for the great inventory of ideas. Happy Saturday

  3. Thank you Saucy. Say anyone...go and visit Ms. Saucy and her team at www.lobstersandwich.blogspot.com.



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