The Redneck Gourmet!

One recent weekend I happened upon a small town in rural Georgia called Newnan. We drove through Newnan's outskirts and marveled at the sprawling 18Th century Victorian mansions scattered along tree-lined thoroughfares leading to the town square. Life was moving rather slowly that Sunday, a lovely fall day. We took a stroll up Main Street and I was disappointed to see that most of the interesting antique and specialty shops were closed for Sabbath.
Stores with names like "The Other Side of The Moon", " Stairway to Heaven", "The Vintage Flea", and "What's In Store". Even a martini bar called "Andre's Off The Square". Closed, closed, closed, closed and closed. Soon I began to detect a wonderful aroma in the air, and I knew the day was saved. Before long my olfactory senses kicked in and as if in a trance, I began to follow the waft right into the entrance of the "Redneck Gourmet" restaurant. OPEN SUNDAYS! I had a Chicken Caesar Roll-Up at $6.95 that was not too shabby! My companion had a hearty Black Angus cheeseburger that looked divine. We sat at a small table on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant and enjoyed our Sunday feast. RG has been family owned and operated since 1991. They have an impressive menu which includes sandwich options like Roll-Ups, Hoagies, Burgers, and Sandwiches. See their website for franchise opportunities or visit one of two Georgia locations soon.


  1. Oh, Mon Ami! I am so sad that your new blogs don't show up in my blog roll! But never fear, I will endeavor to continue seekingyou out for tasty tidbits just like this article! Yum! sandwich on!

  2. Your companion? LOL I wish you'd snapped a picture of your companion eating that Black Angus Cheeseburger! LOL I don't know why that cracks me up...but it do,do,do,do!

  3. Love the name of this place ! THE FOOD LOOKS GOOD TOO!!


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