Winning Sandwich "The Main Ingredient"

In Brooklyn they're calling it the best thing on sliced bread. Naturally, my eyebrows and my curiosity were immediately on the rise. On further examination, I think they're on to something with this sandwich. Ms. Sarah Zorn, a foodie blogger from Bay Ridge won the highly competitive sandwich contest at Robicelli's Gourmet Market this week. Congratulations Sarah! The sandwich is not only delicious, it's a fitting addition to Robicelli's fabulous menu. The Market has everything for everyone, from the most sophisticated gourmand to the average Bay Ridge guy looking for some grub, and Robicelli's is said to have changed the face of food in Bay Ridge. Their niche? Hormone and antibiotic-free meats and deli, a carefully edited selection of cheeses, hard to find herbs and spices, grains by the pound, insanely unique and yummy salads, wraps and soups, fresh delivered croissants from Pastis, delicious daily specials and organic baby/kid foods. What's not to like?
Here's what's on the panini sandwich
*Imported Prosciutto
*Roasted Eggplant
*Roasted Grape Tomatoes
*Brie Cheese
*Balsamic Reduction atop a pressed Ciabatta

Ms. Zorn lives in the area and has an award winning foodie podcast site called “The Main Ingredient”. Her winning sandwich of the same name is already available on Robicelli's menu for $8.99. Along with her cash winnings of $100.00, Sarah will receive one free sandwich from the eatery each week. Bon appétit


  1. Yum!!! I wouldn't mind eating one of those everyday...you think I'd get fat? ;)

  2. OMG...I don't think I could resist that sandwich! Yum is right Eliza...lol Thanks so much for stopping by my blog I welcome you anytime. I will follow you as well.I must say I LOVE the Miss Harriet post....too funny!

    I'll be back...lol

  3. Hi, I'm Sarah, the Robicelli's sandwich winner. It was fun to find your site...thank you so much for the write-up! I'll definitely be checking back...I like what you've got going around here. You can find me at my podcast site, The Main Ingredient. http://TheMainIngredient.podbean.com

    The best to you!

    -Sarah Zorn

  4. Thanks Sarah, coming from you, that is a huge compliment! See you on your podcast site TheMainingredient.podbean.com.

  5. Mmm, looks good- I'll split one with ya!

  6. Thanks so much, and thanks for those little fixes in the body of the post. Sandwich lovers, unite!


    Sarah Z.

  7. Oh my gosh! That sounds ToDieFor!!

    PS Thank you for stopping by on my special day!


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