Nicole's Neuveau Chicken Salad Sandwich!

Things got a little cooler in Ft. Lauderdale last night when Mrs. R. put this fantastic thing together in her newly remodeled kitchen. Nothing looks better against a fine sandwich than sparkling granite counter-tops, right? Thank you once again for sending something superb our way. It is most appreciated. We think you Rock! I would consider this an open-face sandwich, with great appeal for a lot of reasons. The seasoned rice vinegar and dried cranberries are pungent and sweet... then, enter coarse, pink Hawaiian sea salt (Alai), salty Feta and soy for a classically sweet/salty combination. Mrs. R. didn't stop there, adding creamy avocado, lemon and a tomato-basil punch to the palate... there was a rockin-sockin party going on in somebodies mouth, that is certain.

Beautiful French Baguette
Chicken Breast
Fresh Garlic
Pink Salt
1 tsp butter
Dried Cranberries
Tomato/Basil Feta Cheese
Soy Sauce
Fresh Lemon Juice
Seasoned Rice Vinegar

Préparation ~ Assemblée
On a grill pan melt 1tsp butter. Let the pan get really hot.
Place un~seasoned chicken on the hot grill
On top side of chicken sprinkle with Pink Salt & Pepper and crushed fresh garlic
Cook chicken until nicely browned on un~seasoned side and flip
Drizzle with 1-2 spoonfuls of SALAD DRESSING
Cook chicken until beautifully browned on seasoned side
Spring Salad mix
1 Avocado {cubed}
Dried cranberries
Tomato & Basil Feta Cheese Crumbles
Celery {chopped}
Cucumber {seeds removed and diced}


  1. I have to just say that this sandwich is restaurant quality! Seriously! The sweet of the cranberries with the salty dressing for the salad is amazing! I wish I had more right now!

  2. OH! YOu're KILLIN' me! That looks FAABulous!

  3. Sam, I just realized you didn't post the directions for the salad dressing! You must do this or no one can truely enjoy this sandwich!

  4. I can't wait to make this! Thanks Sam!


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