30 Rock - Liz misses her sandwich

We Love you 30 Rock! We Love you Tina Fey! We Love you Liz Lemon! ... 30 Rock is an NBC program where more play is given to the sandwich than any show on the air today, or ever. We just want to say thank you for that. Did I mention the show is hilarious too? Watch this short and see if you run laughing to the kitchen for a sandwich. We're watching you!


  1. I'm still pining over a grilled cheese I had a year ago. I feel you Liz Lemon. I feel you.


  2. "You will all have chins!!!"

    I like when she wolfs her teamster sub. Classic.

  3. A fantastic grilled cheese sammie sent me into labor with my twins. It was so good I'll never forget it.

  4. Ha ha... had grilled cheese tonight... What a fun blog! Thanks for popping by today! : )

  5. How wonderful of you to pay homage to this epic sandwich clip! Love the sandwich focus of the blog and also that you've tied it to various nonprofit causes!

    Look forward to reading more.


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