Sandwich Art of Tasmania!

One of my favorite artists of this century was born in and still resides in the Australian Island nation of Tasmania. His name is Richard Klekociuk, a coloured pencil artist. Of course I love his captivation with bread and sandwiches, their place in the art world, and the quirky way he mixes metaphors. Klekociuk also has a fondness for trees. I loved reading his take on them: "Trees connect to the three levels of the cosmos – the Underworld through their penetrating roots; the Earth’s surface with their trunk and lower branches; Heaven (skywards) with their upper branches and top." See all of his work at artkleko.com, read about the fascinating life he lives with his wife, children and collection of pets. Here are just a few of my favorite paintings by Richard Klekociuk.
A Handy Snack
The Club Sandwich

The Toaster Sandwich

Whole Meal with Iron


  1. Thank you for the article Keri, but to set the record straight, I don't own a Tasmanian Devil. My dog Benson however, if he wore stripes would closely resemble a Tasmanian Tiger!

    What an excellent site you have. Well done!

  2. What cute & creative paintings those are! I'm still stuffed from Thanksgiving, so no sandwiches for a little while!

  3. I love the Wholemeal and Iron Sandwich Keri ... but it doesn't look very tasty!!

  4. Fun stuff! I like the toaster sandwich...maybe because I always want my bread toasted! Now time to go make a sandwich!

  5. Love the club sandwich! How cute are these??!!
    Thanks for coming to my tea party - hope you enjoyed the Vietnamese goodies!!
    As I'm a big sandwich fan myself - I might even do a sandwich themed party next week!!! I'll let you know so you can pop in ;-)

  6. Fun stuff i like toater sandwich


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