Chicken Adobo Sandwich!

Most things I cook with regularity are dishes learned from friends, husbands or loves along the way. Like the Adobo I learned to make while living in Honolulu. For a brief period I had a roommate named Aurora. Aurora was from the Philippines, in Hawaii completing her residency at the same hospital I worked in at the time. She worked two-day shifts, so on her days off, would prepare meals to last through her upcoming work week, including chicken Adobo.

The first time Aurora made Adobo, the air in the breezy little stilted house we shared became thick with a wonderful and savory aroma. First sauteed garlic filled the nostrils, making anyone in their right mind hungry. Then the chicken breasts and thighs went on for a quick braising, followed by the sound of a hot whoosh when she drenched the contents of the pan with soy sauce.

She then stood over the sizzling pan and gently sprinkled brown sugar over it all (the sugar surprised me) finally, she drenched once more, this time with white vinegar. She covered the pan and let it simmer for a little over an hour. The vinegar drench was the final draw for me. I thought it strange, planned on politely declining a taste if she offered, and went about my business of making a simple salad.

As it turned out, I did taste it, loved it, and quickly tried my hand at making it. I later learned that Aurora's recipe was pretty basic and lacking certain classic Adobo ingredients, but it's delicious. Adobo is served over white rice, and on the first day, that's fine. For me however, the best part of Adobo is when it becomes a left-over. That's when I make it a sandwich, usually with a little mayo on my favorite bread, standing over the kitchen sink. Fabulous!


  1. I love adobo, I love sandwiches! I'm totally sold & I can't believe I didn't think of this before!

  2. Awwww. Bacy is making me a steak as we speak. But now I want this sandwich. Chicken..."err body liks chicken"....mix in some yummy adobo and ya got yaself a hit....oops watch out if you leave it on the coffee table Dusty or Terry might steal it....oh right,you are standing over the sink,....sorta like me standin' at the fridge gnawing at some Panko chicken....there goes that chicken again...

    Thanks for all the comments. Thanks for your great blog.You always make me smile and often "crack me up"

  3. How about this....Paul Prudhomme's Cajun Meatloaf (sliced), on homemade toasted brown bread, with crispy shredded romaine , mayo on one side of bread, Stonewall Kitchen roasted garlic and onion jam on the other, meatloaf part topped with a few homemade slow oven roasted grape tomatoes.....you like? This sandwich, one of my favorites, I dedicate to S365....and Dusty, like Terry , should have "last bite"
    Happy Sunday


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