We've all heard of and understand the concept of the open-faced sandwich, right? But little has been written about the two-faced sandwich. You're not likely to see one on a menu any time soon. Unfortunately, the two-faced is a rare find in sandwiches. Not so rare a find in people however, but we shan't go there, for Sandwich 365 is by design, a place devoid of negativity, ridicule, complaining and the ugly. Unless of course it's an ugly sandwich we're talking about, we've touched on a couple of those in recent months.

It is my belief that we at S365 are responsible for inventing the two-faced sandwich. Okay, so maybe we only invented the name, but I like to think we're giving it it's proper "props" by featuring it here today.

Like most inventions, the two-faced was born of necessity, then perfected by inspired minds and clever imaginations. Add to this the freshest of ingredients, sophisticated palates and rumblings in the belly, and you've got a slam-dunk hit.

The two-faced doesn't have to be panini'd as in our photograph. It can be prepared any way you would like it to be. I would venture to say that this fact is what we love most about sandwiches in the first place. Infinitesimal possibility and total autonomy are what make the sandwich a metaphor for life, e.g., you make your sandwich, or your bed, then you must eat or lay in it.

In this case, the sandwiches are two. Assembled at the same time, with equally delicious parts and cooked to perfection, then cut in half and shared. Can you think of a way, more simple or apropos in which to show someone how much you appreciate or love them? I can not. Bon appétit


  1. Show someone you love them! Giveum a sandwich!

  2. Either way - those sandwiches look pretty tasty - open faced or two faced!

  3. OH MY! OH MY! That looks so good! I read your comment today on SITs...I'm the featured blogger and I LOVE some easy recipes...

    Try this link and look at my recipes...

    Blessings to you,

  4. Once again your pictures & writing have made me hungry, thankfully it's almost lunch time!

  5. OH MY,,, Anyone reading this should go and swe ilovmy5kids. She has something for everyone. I like the recipes, tried the taco soup and it's outstanding. We love you ilovmy5kids!


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