David Sax' "SAVE THE DELI"

We want to be one of the first thousand or so to congratulate 30 year old freelance writer David Sax who has written a book about the demise of the Jewish delicatessen. The book (ordered but not yet received) is entitled "Save The Deli" published by McLelland & Stewart (Canada) and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (USA).

David toured the world over several years, interviewing deli owners and famous people who know and love the delicatessen like Ed Koch, Mel Brooks and Ruth Reichel. All of whom must agree that the Jewish deli, an American institution is unfortunately on the endangered species list of eateries. Davids mission? Preservation of the cultural heritage and distinctive taste that is the deli.

Obvious reasons for it's demise are the high cost of curing your own meats, chopping your own chopped liver and pickling your own pickles. Economics have forced most deli's to turn to large suppliers for these things, but at an awful price. So David has taken it upon himself to "Save The Deli".

Read all about it and find out how to offer your support, buy the book, and get on the band wagon at http://www.savethedeli.com/ , because until you've had chopped liver or a pastrami on rye from a Jewish Deli, you have not lived, friends.


  1. Hi Keri - I love pastrami and rye - not sure about liver though! I have a terrific deli nearby that has a HUGE selection of these types of goodies. It's called the New Farm Deli - http://www.thedelinewfarm.com.au/

    Oh by the way, I do know someone who does shift work and has diabetes - I'll keep you posted when I gain some insight into how they cope! Have a great day.

  2. Mmmmm..makes me want to visit Langers in L.A.

    Holly @ 504 Main

  3. Pastrami and rye is a personal favourite of mine! Yum! Re: your comment...I'm a bit ashamed to disclose what ends up in sandwiches in my kitchen, but if I manage to make an acceptable sandwich I'll let you know! :)

  4. Am I the only one having issues with friend connect? I get bounced if I click on any favicon in my follower group. This stinks!


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